For All my romance readers out there… I definitely love a good romance book. Here are some I read and how I’d rate them

It ends with us, By Colleen Hoover

This book was trending everywhere you look and it is definitely worth the hype. I will say I enjoyed reading this, It also is a quick read so it can be read in one day. There are a few hard topics in this book but it wasn’t like your classic read where you expect the girl to look over what terrible things a guy does, which is one of the main reasons I liked it so much. And I also like how simple the writing is in this book. It’s simple but unpredictable at the same time so I definitely recommend you read it. It’s one of those books you either love or hate. Hopefully, you’ll love it..share what you thought about it if you’ve read it.

Tell Me Three Things, By Julie Buxbaum

Rating: 3 stars