Favorite Author

I feel like most people have a favorite author. Just that one author who likes never misses and all their books are fantaticcc…

Well surprise surprise I don’t have one, why is that? Mainly because I like to read a book based on the cover. and I know rule number one don’t judge a book by its cover. well, that is exactly what I do. I don’t just read a book because a specific author wrote it. most times I don’t even look at the whose is on the cover.

And I would like to say that I have not been let down so far the books with the cool and intriguing covers have been the way to go for me. Do I regret not having a favorite author… Noo of course not. only in times when someone asks then its a little awkward when I say nobody but awkward is okay sometimes.

Anyways if you have a favorite who is it and why? maybe I’ll give them a read.






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